GOLDEN-KEY means professional of fish finder

GKF-02 for beginner

Step 1 Step 2 step 3


Enter in operation for fish-finder GKF-02 use for beginner

To operate this fish-finder, please plug the Sonar jack direct into inlet on rear of main unit, must fully plug in until have "QacK" sounded, Place and insert the battery corrected, slide "On" the power and reference in 3 steps as pictures improve this product in good condition.

Step-1 hold the sonar (method as picture shown) slide with brush motion it on any cloth, and then you can scope some signal reponse on screen as picture step-2.

And have other checking method for test, use a bucket fill in water level in full, place the sonar around 2 inches into water, and then you can scope on screen will demonstrate as picture step-3. you can take comprehension for various by senstivity selecter "L-M-H" cases in the water.

All results as steps are represent the product conditions in excellence.

Remarks: For normally operation the sonar must place into water in first, because the bottom depth measure and reading information from under water, otherwise, product screen just only a surface line in demonstration. for more informations for find and setting the bottom line please attention in manual- Operations

The accessory of "Attenuator" support and provide for district in Rock flat and complex area or some where have too many small fishes and spot depth within 2 meter(6ft), combine with this accessory adjust in smooth and careful it can make display in clear screen for the situations. In case on water depth within 3 meter(9ft), we suggest replace battery for carbon type, the search result may become in fine and also do not connect with the attenuator. But, in case in deep water area use the alkaline battery is more better.