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GKF-02A user handbook(Operation)


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   To operate this pocket size fish finder, first connect the sonar Jack (looks like a phone plug) into the hole located at the back of the main unit. Make sure the Jack is fully plugged-in (has made a "click" sound).
Remove the battery cover; install 4 X "AAA" batteries (Not included) as directed on the sticker inside the compartment.
Next, attach a "Float" (not included-various types are available in fishing tackle shops) with a thread, fishing-line or rubber band. Caution: The float must be tied to "Float junction" section on the cable of the sonar, any other position may damage the cable and not function properly.
Place the sonar in the water.
Open the cover as shown in the diagram
switch "On" the power, a "Buzz" sound will be heard and the self test function will start and an active fish symbol will appear on the screen. This will be in Dot matrix mode (fish shown in dots) to demonstrate the difference in use until-in "FULL" operation motion.
A broken line will represent the water surface and move from the top right corner. At the same time the regulated depth range shows 0.0 ~ 30/99 M/ft (Meters /feet).
The system is now in service on standby -mode.
The numerical data shown as a large digit at the left top corner gives the recent and current depth measurement. The line under the surface line shows the nature of the bottom. A hard wide line represents a rock or hard bottom. A line of tiny dots, or narrow thin lines, represent mud, weeds, vegetation or sand. Moving objects which appear between the surface and bottom lines are fish. The built-in alarm system operates when schooling fish have been found.
In use for fish ID, false signals can be caused by algae and plankton. Multiple fish symbols appearing off the bottom may be caused by waves or drifting weeds.
Therefore we suggest you do an analysis with the "ZOOM " function. For better clarity change mode from fish ID to dot matrix style.
If there are still too many dots and fish symbols on the screen, apply the power select and sift down.


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