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GKF-02A user handbook(Latest news)


 Applicable district
 Description of display
 Description of keys
 Multi-applicable district
Shallow areas
Deep areas
Kayak or Boat
Horizonal Search
Weedy or silted areas
Schooling fish
 Ice fishing
 Maintenance & Service
 Latest news
Latest news
Display Confusion
  Depth: Sometimes you may see two depths. This may be caused by the echo of a big rock, strong wave, big or schooling fish reflected under the sonar.
Countless dots: If many dots many dots appear on screen, it may be caused by extremely dirty water, many small fishes or bubbles reflected under the sonar. You can apply the attenuator to reduce the noise and the sensitivity.
Loss of Depth (Bottom): Caused by extremely muddy/dirty bottom, boat speed too high, or, the Sonar Jack loose in the Sonar Inlet.
You can understand bottom line would show out at the lower of the screen, and count the right bottom line by the scale of the panel.


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