GOLDEN-KEY means professional of fish finder

GKF-02A user handbook(Introduction)


 Applicable district
 Description of display
 Description of keys
 Multi-applicable district
Shallow areas
Deep areas
Kayak or Boat
Horizonal Search
Weedy or Silted areas
Schooling fish
 Ice fishing
 Maintenance & Service
 Latest News
  "Thank you for purchasing a "See To Sea" fish finder, "See to Sea" is the name of our pocket sized fish finder. It is simple to operate, has powerful functions with economical power consumption. It uses 4 x "AAA" batteries which will give continuous operation for over 38 hours. It has our 40 degree wide cone angle covering sensitive sonar. This combines fish finding and a depth measure range from 0~30 M/ 0~99ft. Wide applications for lake, river and sea, deep or shallow water. It can be used from the bank or on boats and is also suitable for Ice fishing.
  Features two way operation:
Dot matrix for fish identification at 64 x 64 dot pixels (4,096 dots) A numerical depth display located at the top left of the screen.
  Full or Zoom features are provided:
"FULL" - Normally display for the full coverage.
"ZOOM " - To allow better definition in a more limited coverage. This has a built-in power gain selector with three settings, L(Low) , M(Medium) and H(High). Each one will survey in any zone and give depth analysis on demand.


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