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GKF-02A user handbook(Description of display)


 Applicable district
 Description of display
 Description of keys
 Multi-applicable district
Shallow areas
Deep areas
Kayak or Boat
Horizonal Search
Weedy or Silted areas
Schooling fish
 Ice fishing
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Description of display
   The Screen display with dot-matrix.Resolution is 64 dots x 64 dots =4,096 pixels.
   The Screen size is 1.5กจ X 1.3กจ (38mm x 32mm).The detection graph is shown from the right corner from top to down. It would scroll forwards to left continuously in loop.
  "Top level display" is shown where begin level to detect.
  "Bottom level display" is shown where end level to detect.
  "FULL / ZOOM display" is shown the selection of "FULL" function or "ZOOM" function.
  "Battery display" is shown battery situation.
  "Meter / Feet display" is shown M=Meter,F=Feet

Ref. Horizontal Searching


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