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GKF-02A user handbook(Applicable district)


 Applicable district
 Description of display
 Description of keys
 Multi-applicable district
Shallow areas
Deep areas
Kayak or Boat
Horizonal Search
Weedy or Silted areas
Schooling fish
 Ice fishing
 Maintenance & Service
 Latest News
Applicable district
    GKF-02A portable fish finder is suitable for angler, ice-fisherman and boat-fisherman. It is also suitable for other methods of fishing. It's important to note that this product only works within depth range from 0 to 30 meter(0-99 feet). It has three power level selections for suitable application.
    Applicable area includes shallow area, deep area, canoe, kayak, jon boat, shoreline, bridge, local dock, lake, and river.
    GKF-02A portable fish finder easy to use. Operation methods is shown on the figure show below.

Operation Schematic


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