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GKF-02A user handbook(Horizonal Search)


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Applicable district(4)
Horizonal Search
We suggest you should first gain good knowledge and handling for basic control to operate this method. Install the sonar on a tube / rod , slant to horizontal and place it into water around 2~3 inches (5-8cm).
Move and survey in a flat motion. You will see more than one fixed line on screen, because the search angle of sonar will show all rocks and fixed objects. Also, the water surface will be reflected and displayed as a broken line on the screen. (See figure)
In operation, watch for moving objects behind the fixed line. If their position changes and varies frequently you can determine them to be fish. We are not concerned about all the fixed objects and fixed lines. To compute the distance of fish in scales, one can mark lines on the front display glass. For better comprehension it is best to provid a false fish / objects to fall in the water,simulating how the activity appears on screen.
Note: A float must be connected to the float connection of the sonar. Otherwise, the cable of sonar may break.
We recommend that Fish I.D. function is not used for Horizontal Search.

fig.--Horizonal Searching "A" area show blinding area.


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