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GKF-02A user handbook(Weedy or silted areas)


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Applicable district(5)
Weedy or silted areas
In this complex area, sonar could be absorbed and interfere with the ultrasonic signal reflections. This may display incomplicated and erroneous information on screen. Select sensitivity to "H" position, find and ensure the bottom line settles. The bottom line might show as soft dots, which can be air bubbles from the bottom. The bubbles will cause a false signal display on the screen and thereby give inaccurate readings. In this situation, fish are always sparse. Therefore, the best choice is to locate another spot for fishing.

fig.a--: This fishing spot water depth around 10 meter, sparse bottom line,It is a silt bottom.

fig.b--Show around in 5 meter and has fish group, but is not very dense.


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