GOLDEN-KEY means professional of fish finder

GKF-02A user handbook(Precautions)


 Applicable district
 Description of display
 Description of keys
 Multi-applicable district
Shallow areas
Deep areas
Kayak or Boat
Horizonal Search
Weedy or Silted areas
Schooling fish
 Ice fishing
 Maintenance & Service
 Latest News
Open / Close Cover
    When opening and closing the front cover, please carefully slide the Cover-Lock.(see below fig.)
Connect for Sonar
    Connect the sonar plug to the inlet on the back of Main-unit before use.
Connect a float to Sonar
    A float must be connected to the float junction of sonar for unfixed applications (A float is not included with this product)
Fixing the Sonar (see kayak / boat)
Installating battery
   Open the battery cover, and place four ˇ§AAAˇ¨ batteries in correct direction and close the battery cover.

Open Cover of The Main-unit


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