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GKF-02A user handbook(Warnings)


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1) Do not open the cabinet of this product, self maintenance or service is not recommended. Please send the unit to service center to be checked by qualified personnel. To prevent any damage, please keep main unit away from water.
2) Do not plug in any other materials or liquids into the inlet on main unit, which may cause damage.
3) Do not lay the sonar directly to your ear, as ultrasonic may harm your hearing.
4) Avoid operating in thunderstorms and lightning.
5) To remove the sonar connecting jack from inlet of main unit, you must hold it tight to the body of the jack and slide out. Do not pull the cable because this may damage the connector and the sonar.
6) This product includes a moisture protective cover, Keep dry; if unit gets wet mop it dry with a cloth immediately.
7) The Sonar jack must also be kept dry as rust and corrosion will damage the connector.
8) Please retain all packing materials for re-packing and also for carrying purposes.
9) Do not use two or more sets of fish finders within 90 feet (30 meters) radius at the same time, because signals from each unit may interfere with each other.
10) All changes of product specification and improvements will be announced on our homepage.


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